Strategic Communications 
It's critical to know what to say and how to say it to maintain a strong brand. I can lead you through a message development process and train your team. Once we've got the messages I can develop collateral and help design social media, marketing, and public relations strategies. You shine as a thought leader.  

Organizational Management 

If work is moving too fast, new team members haven't been trained or on-boarded, there is a lack of protocol or process in work, regular routines of communications are lacking, or there's a general sense that order is missing, that's where I come in. Through needs assessments and conversations, creating work plans and regular communications habits, streamlining work and identifying who's doing what, things get clearer. I'm your process person and we create what works, together. 

Network Building

Creating authentic networks shifts our thinking from having one leader or organization in charge to having a shared approach to producing change together. Rather than posturing for power, network building is about promoting the change we all seek. Together we can map key audiences and leaders who should be part of your work, and connect with them. Learn more here. 

Education Expertise

Early childhood education, K-12 public policy, nature-based and outdoor learning, healthy school food, mindfulness for kids, movement and play. I have content expertise in these areas as well as an understanding of who the leaders are here and how they connect.


Writing & Content

Blogging, proposals, marketing, newsletters, case studies and more. You want it, I can write it.

Workshops and Facilitation

I offer training on project management skills and how to maximize social media, and workshops for parents on outdoor learning for kids. I facilitate meetings to kick off partnerships or leadership strategy sessions. Whatever I'm doing, it's engaging, hands-on, and mindful.

As an adjunct team member, I bring a combination of services to help your work now.